The Now:

     It does not need to be resolved right now.


     Soldier of The Cross, part of serving the Lord is realizing there will be misunderstanding and false accusation.    There are no exceptions.


     He was secure.  He said whatever was needed, and remember?  "He opened not His mouth" (Isaiah 53).


     Why does it have to be fixed right now?  Because it feels like an emergency.  Is it easily resolved?    No.   There is a campaign against the work of the Lord, and He is fully aware of it.


     It is the flesh that is insecure and  insists on beating and beating the issue into resolution.  The problem is, most of the time,  there is no immediate resolution.

     The issue is, does He know what is happening?
     Can He be trusted?
     Are you willing to wait for Him while the misunderstanding continues?


     Tell Him.  today, and tell Him aloud.