Only The Rock.

     Soldier of The Cross, do not look to resolved circumstances for relief.


     Look only to Him.  He is the Rock.  And there is a Place carved out for you.  


     It's so easy to frantically pray about and desperately wring your hands over the present situation.  The problem is, that does nothing.  It doesn't involve eternity.  It doesn't involve faith.  More than anything, it misses the mark and guarantees you will not see His Hand.


     The Lover of Your Soul designed the matter before the enemy crafted a plan to defeat you.


     You are not helpless and you are not a victim.  Neither are others involved.


     This is about His Plan and your submission.  He alone knows what is around the corner.


     So Soldier, pray with all your might and let the Holy Spirit lead you.


     Buck up and ask the Lord to deal with your worrying.


     Do the next thing before you with all your might. 


     God's Word is more real than the way that you feel.


     Stand before Him and tell Him.