How tempting it is to try to make sure everything is in order ahead of time.


     Conversely, folks who are too casual about laying the groundwork usually run into problems that could have and should have been prevented.


     The Soldier of The Cross must do all that can be done.  After that, he or she must be available to let the Lord do anything.   The key is, preparing in prayer.  Those who pray much about the matter are always praying for the Lord to have His Way.   For Him to do the thing that needs to be done even if that is outside the plan.


     There is limited recognition of the Lord by those who only pray for the exact protection of the conceived outcome and method planned.


     We must constantly be reminded that we only know what we know,what we  have experienced and what we can imagine.  Beyond that, the Lord can bring a vision of the impossible,  but that always involves the kind of faith that steps out into the realm of the unknown.


     Nothing is safer.


     Who is willing?


     Faith is the only safe frontier.


     Tell Him today.  Aloud.