You were not created to feel powerful.


     You were brilliantly designed to learn to lean on the One who never fails and who  knows your anxieties better than you know them.


     Soldier of The Cross,  obedience clears the way to see His Provision and to hear His assurances.  The prime obstacle is complaint.


     It is possible to share even the most distressing matters without a spirit of complaint.   We need each other and we need to be covered and held by one another.   The problem comes when we use each other to vent feelings instead of cleanly reporting the matter.


     There are casual little slips that become habitual if not dropped.  For example, why would a Christian complain about the weather?  Isn't God sovereign?   What good does it do?  If there is an urgent  need for different weather, He is able to change it.  Take it up with Him.


     Why complain about work?  Or traffic?  Or anything?


     Complaining is a habit.  It is remarkable to listen to the way Christians talk about political leaders.   Discussion is one thing, and vitriolic complaint is another.


     Soldier, if you need to talk about it, do so.  But listen to yourself.  If you must complain, do so to Him rather than the one who needs to be edified or the one who has no sight.


     Make yourself available to this life change.  Tap into Power. 


     Tell Him.