Off the Rail:

     In the Body of Christ, Love is not the result of chemistry.


     I have so often seen cliques form in churches.


     The bottom line is that we are to lay our lives down for the Brethren. 


     That means we love the unlovely.
     It means we must  let the Lord flow through to those who seem to have nothing in common with us and those who don't seem to get it.
     It means we are available for the  most obnoxious troublemaker.


     This isn't to say that we pretend everyone is wonderful and overlook the one who is against the Lord.  It just means we acknowledge that only He knows the heart and we are available to the Holy Spirit for the ministry of Love.


     You are a Soldier of The Cross.  You have enlisted in the Army of the Lord and you stand in the ranks of those who agree with Him no matter what.


     You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit. He has given you discernment.  He is the Light-giver.  He empowers.  And He is the example and He holds the nozzle of Love.


     Soldier, this is something that springs from prayer and there is no other source.  Stand before the Throne and tell the Lord you will obey.  You will be a vessel of Love.


    He'll show you what to do when.  He never fluffs over prayer. 


     His Love is demonstrated by and through His Own.


     Tell Him.