Soldier,  you have no idea how others see you.


     We are all aware of our struggles, but we are not aware of our actual faults. Of course, nothing is hidden from Him.  In the thick of things, it is easy to feel defeated and often we think others can see the tire marks on our backs.


     You are His letter to all others.  He has written  on you and you must deliver, even thought you don 't feel like it.   We are not of this world.  Our home is not here.  No exceptions.


     Your ministry to all the world and to others close and far, is based on His Word.  Not on what you are going through, not on your feeling of failure, and not on what anyone is saying about you.


     You have absolutely no idea how you appear to others.   You have total control over your countenance, and your tongue must reflect Truth.


     Soldier of The Cross,  it is not about you.  It is about others.  Address what is before you according the to Word of God.  You are NOT limited by the thing you are going through.


     Give it to Him, today and aloud.