Your Pace:

     Your daily Pace depends on your goal.


     What breaks your pace?  What interferes with your prayer life?  Or your declaration of Truth rather than circumstances?


     You are a Soldier of The Cross. That means that you have taken up the instrument of the death of the flesh and you have momentum.  You are following Him.


     Many are inspired by messages and books.    It is possible to experience the Holy Spirit without being really filled.  So many Christians have not come to Him and stated their determination to be a Living Sacrifice, and their marching flags are at half mast.


     What is said before Him in prayer is what the goal will be.  If the Believer is always asking for something to be fixed, the goal will always be the fixing of things.   If the prayer is always for change in someone else, the goal will be that change.


     If the goal is to be like Him and to be with Him,  that Soldier has stood before Him and  stated that desire.  That Soldier has a determined purpose and while the things of this world may graze the flesh, the Pace will not falter.


     When we get to heaven, we will discover that some of  His finest were hidden Soldiers who were confined to beds, prisons, or other out of sight trenches.


     Soldier, look up and move on!