The Thing Before You:

     If you have been spending time with the Lord, you know what it is that you are called to do.

     In the meantime, you may not know how or where or when. And of course, no one is impervious from discouragement.

     Soldier, you have one life to live, and if your thoughts were not critical, there would not be so many Bible verses about them. You must govern your thoughts. (II Corinthians 10:5)

     The best way to do this is to deal with it in prayer and then plow into the next thing that needs to be done. Sing. Say verses. Make lists if what you love about the Lord, but move into the small thing that feels so heavy and unimportant.

     One step at a time.

     We were never intended to float through life. We were created to be dependent on Him. That only happens when there is a decision about what seems to be small,  as well as what seems to be critical.

     You must tell Him you want to be obedient in the lesser tasks that lie before you, so that your mind is not swimming through the quicksand of anxiety about how, when and where.

     Tell Him.
      Aloud. Today.