His: Will:

     Many Believers think they want God's will when in fact, they are looking for a guarantee of success and are wanting the absence of discomfort or mistake.

     Soldier of The Cross, your job is to present yourself as a Living Sacrifice, and you must agree with God whatever that means.  Then and only then, you are free to see where He is and you can easily follow.

     Often wisdom comes from making mistakes.  Some choices bear a sting and result in the determination to seek anything but what has caused pain.  Other choices blast open doors that lead to explosive Glory. 

     We are sojourners and Pilgrims.   The Fall happened.  We are not intended to walk the perfect path on some kind of high level that rides above misunderstanding, failure and betrayal.

     Remember this precious song?

     Sometimes the day seems long, 
     Our trials hard to bear. 
     We´re tempted to complain, 
     To murmur and despair. 
     But Christ will soon appear 
     To catch his bride away! 
     All tears forever over 
     In God's eternal day! 

     It will be worth it all 
     When we see Jesus! 
     Life's trials will seem so small 
     When we see Christ. 
     One glimpse of his dear face, 
     All sorrow will erase. 
     So, bravely run the race 
     Till we see Christ. 

     At times the sky seems dark, 
     With not a ray of light; 
     We're tossed and driven on, 
     No human help in sight. 
     But there is One in heaven, 
     Who knows our deepest care; 
     Let Jesus solve your problems, 
     Just go to him in prayer. 

      Life's day will soon be o're, 
     All storms forever past; 
     We'll cross the great divide 
     To Glory, safe at last! 
     We'll share the joys of heaven: 
     A harp, a home, a crown; 
     The tempter will be banished, 
     We'll lay our burdens down.


     So Soldier, Look up and keep moving!