Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say.. .

   Those who are His have added responsibilities.     One of the most beautiful children's' songs is the one that says "Oh Be Careful Little Tongue What You Say. . ."     It isn't always what you say, but how you say it.  Mark tells us that it is the thing that issues forth from a man's mouth that defiles him.  and, so it is.     Soldier of The Cross, there will always be those who will want to suck you in to gossip or worse.  The intent of the enemy is to have you repeat the thing you have heard, with emotion,  and with more exaggeration.     You must understand that you are a Child of The King.  You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and you have the Power to abstain from gossip, slander and verbal assassination.     He who went to the Cross for you has asked you to yield to him completely.  He wants your thoughts, your body, and your mouth.  He wants your time and your goals.      He is preparing a Place for you because His Love for you is so great, you can not even begin to understand it.     The mouth is the indicator of the Presence of The Holy Spirit.  Know that you are being recorded.  For all eternity.  Make sure you consider that when you stand before Him, your words will be played back to you, unless there has been confession  and repentance.     Soldier, please take heed;  watch your tongue.