Jesus Never Fails!

   Alas, Lord God! Behold, you have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and by Your out-stretched arm!  There is nothing too hard or too wonderful for You -                                     Jeremiah 32:17    Soldier of The Cross, you have crossed The Line.  You have decided to give Him your all. You have made a deliberate decision to agree with His Word.  You long to be filled with the Spirit.    You are telling Him in Prayer that He can have you completely and that you want to be more responsive to Him each day.    This means that you must look for Him to go places that are unknown to you.  It means that He will respond to your availability.  It means that you must be ready for anything and that you must deliberately exercise vigilance.     Those who are wiling to let the Lord lead them are those who dwell in the Sabbath Rest.  They are calm in the midst of the enemy's tornadic swirl.  Rivers of Living Water issue forth from them. They are monuments to the Grace and healing power of God.    We do not have the capacity to name all the things God could and should do in our hearts.  We can not explain to Him how He should make his own likeness in us.  In fact doing so is dangerous.  But we do need to ask to see the things that are hidden.  We need to stand on Jeremiah 33:3 and call to Him, expecting Him to answer - to show us the great and mighty things that we know not.    Soldier, you must tell Him you are available.  you must tell Him daily.  And you must tell him aloud.