His Best For You:

   If you are available, you will receive all the Lord has for you - His best.      It is easy to want the things that last only for a lifetime - financial security,comfort, admiration and all the things the world defines as components of happiness.      There is something that must happen; there must be a deliberate decision to trust Him.      The Lord seems to take us through seasons. There are seasons of waiting, seasons of plenty, lean seasons, and often there are times when nothing seems to go well at all. For those who "walk according to His purposes," it all adds up to the same thing in Glory.      The problem lies with us. Physical pain is not something that can be ignored. The loss of a loved one is borne throughout life. Persecution must be endured.      There is a Place where the Soldier of The Cross can honestly thank the Lord for all the things that He has allowed. How could Paul say he had learned to be content with much or content with little? How could he say he would learn to take pleasure in dealing with so many of the things that the flesh hates?      He trusted God. He believed God. He lived for no other purpose than to love and serve the Lord. There is no freedom like the freedom in letting the Lord have His completely way.    Tell the Lord today that He can have His way with your life.    Tell Him aloud.