Take Courage

The Christian life is not for the faint-hearted.

The battle is always heated, and there must be absolute leaning on The Everlasting Arms, in order to resist the enemy.

Time and time again, the unseen elements rage against the Body of Christ, the stalwart Soldier, and the Word of God.

We must be glad sojourners.

Glad, no matter what. Glad because we have a Lord. Glad because we have somewhere to go.

Are you discouraged today? Govern your thoughts and set about to bring encouragement to someone else. There are laws that govern the emotions, just as there are laws that govern the physical. Turning your attention away from your own condition, and reaching out to another is a sure opening for the Holy Spirit to remind you of your calling and purpose.

The rest of the world has only a flat reason for living.

We have Him - of infinite dimension. Brace up. Take courage. Move on.