The Balance is Prayer

The balance between careful planning and being available to inexplicable change is, prayer.

Without prayer, there is no walking in the Light. If the Christian Soldier is not walking in the Light, there is no course to chose other than the obvious, or the previously agreed upon plan.

When there is no divine Light, the obvious is always by sight, and faith has no input.

Why does most of the Church fail to walk in the delight of His Life? Because the flesh despises the faith-walk, and spends all its energy fighting faith. A weak or non-existent prayer life allows the flesh to braille its way through a gauntlet of negative emotion and human desire.

Soldier, pray. The most detailed plan may very well be the way to go. But it is prayer that will usher in the slightest, but undeniable restraint if the Holy Spirit is leading in a different direction.

There is no Light unless prayer is in accordance with The Word of God. Those who desperately seek an answer that does not line up with His Word, are not really praying.

Prayer begins with agreeing with God. The one who genuinely wants His way tells Him so and is looking for Him.

No Heavenly Light, no Heavenly sight!