That Dreaded "S" Word:

     Are you willing to go through whatever He brings, in order to be able to receive the blessings you are praying for?

     You want to be like Him, and are praying to be transformed.
     You desperately want to learn patience.
     You know you must learn to be wiser with your tongue and want to be more careful to avoid listening to gossip.  That means there will be people who will not like you.
     You are praying for wisdom with money.  Giving when you don't have enough is costly to the flesh.

     We could go on and on.

     The bottom line is, there is a cost to all worthwhile gain.  The battle is in the mind.  Jesus becomes more real to us, as the Holy Spirit turns our gaze upon Him.

     The Glory of the Lord distracts from the discomfort as He leads us on.

     Soldier of The Cross, there is simply nothing else.

     Present this to Him today.  Aloud.  
    Then look up and move on!