There can be no corporate worship until there is private worship.

     It is disturbing to me that some Christian institutions are granting degrees in "Worship".    

     Private worship is not a little slice of what happens during the "worship" time in most churches today.  Private worship is a bubbling up of a supernatural revelation of Jesus, and it is different with each person.  Taking quiet moments to focus on Him, deliberately seeing Him and then gazing upon Him, results in the Holy Spirit supernaturally revealing His Glory.     

     Some of these moments are quiet and others are noisy.  And when such Believers come together,  there can be almost heart-stopping worship.

     A few years ago my husband and I visited a church we had heard about.  As we entered, I was not alarmed by the black ceiling and walls with rainbow colored lights, or by having barely enough room to wiggle.  But when the music started, it was louder than deafening and I pulled out the wad of ear-stuffer I had grabbed at the last minute.  The very loud and pounding music went on forever.  I could see my husband was miserable, so I tore off a shred and handed it to him.  He stuffed both ears. What he didn't realize was, he had a tiny foot-long strand of toilet paper hanging out of one ear.  In just seconds, an usher came to us and extended to us a bowl of packaged ear plugs.  

     Being professional does not have to mean the Spirit is quenched.  Again, there must be a waiting on the Lord and an availability to the moving of the Holy Spirit.  

     Like everything about God, worship is a frontier.  Only He knows the way.  There are no formulas, but there are some basic musts- alone time with the Lord, the fresh taking in of His Word, conscious eagerness to be changed and telling Him what you love about Him.  He eagerly meets the worshiper.

     Soldier of The Cross,  tell Him you are available.