Truth is Greater than Fact:


      Truth is the basis of faith, not fact.

     In God's economy, the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts. Answers to prayer come in ways we could not have imagined and sometimes we might have thought such a thing to be impossible.

     In fact, it seems that what God does is impossible to the human mind.

     It is tempting to pray about a situation by approaching the Lord with how the matter should be resolved.  We must be careful about this.  We have the tiniest little hairline view and understanding, whereas He spoke everything into being.

     Soldier of The cross, you have often heard me say that the walk of Faith is a frontier..

     There is no place freer.
     There is no safer place.
     There is no place more interesting.

     Fueled by the Word of God, we move on in the Faith Walk.

     Tell Him today.