Always Something:

      Soldier, it is not just a teaching- it is actual truth.  We have an enemy.

     And he is always out to see what he can do to foil us.

     We must learn to plod on in spite of what is going on around us.  Oftentimes, not easy.

     The issue is, we must keep our eyes on eternity.  The Word of God empowers and propels us into seeing what is now unseen.  Although there are always times of respite and refreshment, those times lead into times of trials and testing.

     The good news is, there is release.  As we learn to trust God and do good to others, we are less and less impacted by the things hurled at us by the enemy.

     Your duty?  Be immersed in The Word, faithful to pray about all you can think about, and spend yourself to do all the good you can for everyone in your path.

     Soldier, your life has to be about revealing Jesus, and that happens when you step away from your self-life and reach out to others.

     The less money you have, the greater percentage you must give.
     The less time you have, the more you must pray.
     The deeper your pain, the more you must go help someone else who is hurting.

     Soldier of the Cross, you are following hard after Him.  Even though it doesn't feel like it, you can minister in this way.

     Take it to Him and tell Him you are available to be used.
     Tell Him aloud.  Today.