Peace in a Troubled World:


     The battle is in the mind.

     We are to be aware of what we are thinking and we are to do something about it (II Corinthians 10:5.)

     Soldier of The Cross, we must always be reminded of the basics. How did David encourage himself in the Lord? (I Samuel 30:6)

     We have no idea, because we are all so unique.  One thing is sure - David did not draw encouragement from his circumstances. He didn't evaluate things and decide maybe God could fix everything. It appeared to be all over! He had to have gone back to basics.

     Is He real?
     Can He be trusted?
     Do I want to writhe and flop about this, or should I agree with God.

     You are not a resident of this world. You are just passing through. That's why you  need the "Lamp unto your feet" and the "Light unto your Path."

     This is not just an act of the will: there must be deliberate prayer about this. I can't will myself into resting in Him. There must be seeking Him in prayer. There must be submission in prayer. You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit to comfort and to guide, and to reveal Jesus.

     Soldier, interestingly, much suffering is the result of the thought life.

     Agree with God.







     The least issue in life is money.

     Yet, it always feels like we are subject to it, or that it has so much power.

     What are we told? That we can't out give God and that He can be tested in this area. Yet, so few take Him at His Word.

     Soldier of The Cross,  if you can't trust God in the area of money, you can't trust him in any area. According to His Word, money is the easiest. Of course, it feels like the hardest because it feels as though money controls so many things,.

     It is not true. He controls money. There are laws He has set in motion that have to do with giving and trust.

     It is crucial to learn this, and the learning never ends. We are constantly attacked in this area, and it is imperative that the matter is always before Him.

     Soldier, take it to Him and do it aloud. It is about agreeing with God and not clinging to what feels valuable.

     Faith is the most valuable element in learning to love. There is no freedom to love with abandon until there is the release that comes from financial obedience and holy giving.

Tell Him about it. Now.


     Never let the urgent take place of the important.

     This is not easy, as we are all subject to pressure. Have you noticed how different things seem when you are geographically far away from the problem? Or how magnified things seem in the night when you can't sleep?

     Learning to lean on The Everlasting Arms is life long, and it only comes by plowing through the gauntlet of life's unsolved matters.

     His agenda is to be our agenda, and, and it only happens, first by prayer, and then by obedience.

     There will never be a time in this life when it all comes together and we can say we are on top of it.

     Soldier of The Cross, you were created to rely on Him. That's why you are so miserable when you thrash around and try to figure out a solution.

     You must do the thing that is before you. Without committed prayer, you will be distracted as long as the matter is unresolved. In this way,  so   many Christians bump through life, missing many opportunities to minister and attend to others.

     You were created to be free. His banner over you is not tension and frustration: His Banner Over you is Love!

     Soldier, bring this to him. Aloud.

Peace in the Word Storm:

Never return evil for evil.

It is far too easy to hurl back what the speaker deserves.

It always foolish.

It is not possible to balance the scale in this life, and that is why we have been admonished to return good for evil. Much of the time, returning good simply means saying nothing.

Soldier of The Cross, the mouth is the mirror of the mind.

It is not about being passive, rather it is about being obedient.  And, what a protection it is. 

You do not always have to fix it.

There is never any sight until there is obedience!

Soldier, look up and move on!










     It seems many Christians  unconsciously expect God to follow them.

     Not so- we are expected to follow Him.

     Soldier of The Cross, the daily taking up of The Cross and the following of Him means that you are going to be willing to go into places that seem unbearable or worse.  

     The fact is, Faith is a frontier.  Each Believer is called to follow Him into a Place previously unknown, in order to prepare that Soldier for Heaven. 

     We only imagine what is possible.  But the One Who created it all out of nothing goes before us and is beckoning us to follow Him into unimaginable delights of that faith Frontier.

     Soldier, are you willing or not?  You must tell him, because if you don't, you will be stuck in your world of concept.

     Tell Him.  Now.


The Bottom Line:

     Soldier of The Cross, the fact is, He is Real.

     That changes everything.

     So many Christians fall into emotional labor and distress for the same reasons that draw the unsaved into worry and worse.  But, we have a Lord.  He has told us that we can be led.

     We have the Indwelling Holy Spirit and that means we do not need to wander about, complain and flail, or spout off about how bad things are.

     Many have not chosen to be Overcomers.  You have made that choice.   You are attracted to being a Living Sacrifice and when push comes to shove, you absolutely know He will lead.

     So look up and follow.

     Tell him.  Now.

The Real You:

     Soldier of the Cross, what do you really want?

     Have you relinquished your agenda in prayer?  Or are you still telling the Lord how to fix this?

     Your perspective is so tiny compared to His incomprehensible Sovereignty.

     So, Soldier, buck  up and tell Him you are available for anything and everything.  After all, are you a Living Sacrifice?

     Tell Him, and tell Him  aloud.  You need to hear the words you are offering up. The Indwelling Holy Spirit will lead you in prayer.
     Then, look up and move on!


The Race:

     It's simple- it is about the Pursuit of God.

     It is not about knowledge.
     It is not about keeping the rules.
     It is not about the best reputation- many martyrs have been tortured or killed for crimes they never committed.
     It is not about doing as much as possible for everyone.

     It is about taking up the Cross daily and following hard after Him.  That is the only way to be a disciple.  (Luke 9:23)

     The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh, and the place of identifying with His sufferings.

     Apart from this vigorous pursuit, there is no Rest. (Hebrews 4:9)
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no Peace.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no rich fellowship with others or with Him.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no confidence in His Word.
     Apart from this pursuit, there is no vision.  No wisdom.  No Light.  No Life.

     Soldier of The Cross, all we do involves one foot at a time.  Most seldom feel like praying, because it is a physical process as well as spiritual.  It has to be done.  Without prayer, there is no sight at all- life is a braille experience.

     Go to Him now and do it aloud.  Allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, and tell Him you will pay any price to be a disciple.  
     After all, He paid the Price for you.


More Than You Know:

     The impact you have on others is far more than you can imagine.

     There is so much we do not know about those around us.  We tend to interpret everything from facial expressions to the reason for silence. 

     Do not fill-in-the-blanks.  What you don't know, you don't know.

     There is no divine edict that compels us to understand it all or to know all the reasons why people do what they do and say what they do.  That is up to Him.

     As a Soldier of The Cross, your job is to take up The Cross daily and walk in The Light.  You are to love. 

     There is not one verse that indicates you need to feel successful.  It is about following Him.  Revealing Him.  Ministering Grace.

     The Glory Train runs on prayer fueled by The Word of God.  We are on a journey.

     We are going home, and all need to see that in our lives.

     Those who have the least luggage enjoy the Journey the most!

     Take it to Him.  Aloud. 



Your Thoughts:

     Soldier of The Cross, Your body will go where your thoughts are.

     Consider this seriously.   Are you in fact, attracted to being a Living Sacrifice?

     You must understand that the battle is in the mind, and that you can learn to be in control.   You have been born into the Kingdom if Light.  You are now free.  That means that you must be aware of your thoughts and that you must bring them into submission. (II Corinthians 10:5)

     Time is short.  Use it well.
     Take the matter to Him, and ask Him to lead you in this matter.
      Be sure to do it aloud.