The Bottom Line:

     Soon you will be standing before Him.


    Your life will be displayed in complete transparency, and you will be accountable.  You'll also be a recipient of staggering Grace.


     The bottom line is submission.


     You were created to walk by faith and by no other path.    Oh, Soldier.  Please learn to pray accordingly.


     He is so attentive.  He listens and He responds. Do you have any idea how important you are to Him?


     You have the tremendous protection of the Faith Walk. 


     Stand before Him.  Tell Him you want this,. Let Him know you want to be changed.  Until you are no longer breathing.


     Is there anything else? Let Him release you to Love the Brethren.  Oh, Soldier of The Cross, submit to the surgical knife of The Lover of Your Soul.


     Tell Him aloud.