Soldier of The Cross, you will never feel in control.


     Faith is a frontier.  It is an adventure, and as we know from God's Word, it leads to more faith.


     Over a lifetime, we learn that He will intervene, but absolutely never in the ways we have imagined or wanted.  He is far more creative and classy than our designs.


     There is no availability to His leading us in faith unless we are expressly wanting this and presenting ourselves in prayer.


     The flesh writhes and explodes to know what is going to happen and how.  The flesh screams for control.   But the Soldier of The Cross has decided to submit to the surgical knife of the Lover of his or her Soul.   This is only possible as an outflow of the private prayer life.


     Oh, Soldier, tell Him today.  Then you will see Him.  You will recognize Him, and you will be able to walk above the circumstances.


     Tell Him.  today.