The Cross:

     There is a popular form of Christianity today that promotes the Christian experience and wants the Believer to feel spiritual and powerful.

          The Bible does not teach us to live a Christian life of feeling or spiritualized experiences.  The Bible teaches me to take up The Cross and follow hard after Him.

     Of course we are beings with feelings.  This is not to imply that maturity equals immunity to feeling, or that experienceing Him is a weakness. 

     The Cross is the place of the death of the flesh.  The Cross is the place where the Believer longs to learn to be a Living Sacrifice.   There must be the affirmative act of daily telling the Lord He can do anything He wants to with ort lives.  The Cross is where we see Jesus.

     The Soldier of The Cross has decided the Lord is His life and He wants to be like Him.

     Those who are following after Him are those who want to be changed.   They do experience Him, but not in such a way as it often taught.

     One who wants to be a Livoing Sacrifice is not going to feel powerful.  The Power may flow through him or her, but  wanting to feel powerful is a seduction the enemy uses.

    Soldier, we keep our eyes on him.  We must about Him.  Memorize His Word.  Seek out those who crave and follow Him.

     We pray to learn to lay our lives down for the Brethren.

     It's not about how I feel.  It's about Obedience and learning to recognize and follow Him.  It's about others.

     Tell Him you are available to His Way.
     Today.  Aloud.
     He hears and He answers.