The Death of the Flesh:

     Although not all bad, one of the problems with today's Christian music is that it puts the highest emphasis on how I feel about God.


     There is little about obedience.  There is little about the taking up of The Cross, which is about the death of the flesh.


     It is the flesh that wants to feel something and to be in control.  Of course there are times of worship when the Soldier is overwhelmed by His Majesty, His Grace, and His Constant Love.   But it does not happen all the time.  There are more times than not when the Soldier is bowing before Him, asking to be changed.  Asking to be led through the wilderness.   Asking to having some verse opened up to him or her.


     Soldier of The Cross, we don't live here.  We only stay here.  Our home is over there.


     That means gladly submitting to His surgical scapel.


     Pray to be changed.