Enjoying Him:

     There is only  one way to know Him - Faith.


     The Frontier of Faith is made available to the Soldier of The Cross because of prayer.  Prayer gives vision to the things sought by faith.


     Soldier of The Cross, remember, you are not your own.  It is easy to forget when there are decisions to be made, responsibilities to be delegated and bills to be paid.  Diapers to be changed.


    You were Bought With a Price, and there is no walking away from that.  Love woos you to Itself, and your prayer life allows you to walk in the Light.


     There is no experience of the Lord apart from faith.  All the Christian activities and services will not satisfy the nucleus of the   spirit that was made to be indwelled by the Spirit of God.


     Find those who want Him.
     Find those who will do anything to be with Him.
     Find those who recognize Him.
     Find those who have left much behind to follow Him.


     Then, you will have fellowship with Him.  He will come in and sup with you.


     Tell Him.  today.