You must learn to pray.


     This means a time set apart from all else and it has to be aloud.  You need to articulate your purpose and desire  to The One who holds the stars in place.


     No time?  Not true.  He has given you enough time to obey Him and to know Him.  Stop making excuses.


     Oh, soldier of The Cross, there is no other way to live.  Those who have a prayer life know release.

     They know Peace.
     They know energy.
     They know Sight.
     They know Wisdom

      Most importantly, they recognize the Lord.

     Fuel up in the Word and then go to Him.  Approach Him in the cathedral of your heart.


     There is no other way to live.  It is either unto Him or unto life by sight. 


     Who would chose the latter?


     Soldier, tell Him today.