God's Word is More Real Than the Way that You Feel:

     Soldier of The Cross, you were created for obedience and Fellowship with Him.


     You were created to rely on Him.    You are to learn to Lean on The Everlasting Arms.


     And of course, you feel things.  The issue is, when you are feeling something that is not in line with His Word,  you must behave according to obedience, rather than feeling.   This is something that is dealt with in prayer.  After you have taken it to the Lord,  The Indwelling Holy Spirit  will remind you of the Word and you then have a choice. 


     It is possible to blisteringly angry and still take it to Him in faith.  There is no promise that feeling will immediately dissipate, but the issue is, taking it to Him in faith.  You must present yourself to Him, agree with Him,  and then let hHm have His way not only with the situation, but with you.


     The flesh has all sorts of feelings that are not in line with The Word:  despair, frustration, worry (is a feeling), impatience,  anger, fear, and on and on.


     There is no"arrival". No one ever reached some kind of spiritual level at which there is never a negative emotional ripple.    And, thank the Lord!  Because we need to learn.  We need to present ourselves before Him for release and training.


     It is possible to obey in this area.  For most, it is a completely foreign territory.  Feelings usually dictate thoughs and actions.  Often to distruction.  And always to distraction.


     We are created for Victory.   Tough for the flesh, but intended for the healing of the soul and the release of the spirit.


     Soldier, take it to him and tell Him you want to be changed.   Do you have enough backbone for that?  


     Tell Him today and be sure to tell Him aloud.