He is Waiting for You:

     Most Christians don't understand how attentive He is.


     So, prayer feels like a one way effort.


     The rarest thing in the world is a consistent private prayer life.  Soldier,  we must all be reminded of the basics.   His Word fuels prayer, and prayer brings Sight.


     The enemy has all sorts of designs to stifle the prayer life.  Here's the issue - we have business to do.  


     I don't need to feel spiritual. 
     I don't need a pressing reason.
     I will almost never feel like it.
     The body often resists.  So does the tongue.


     Soldier of The Cross, it has to become a habit.  It should be aloud if at all possible.  Silent prayer always turns into wool-gathering and disintegrates into nothing.


     Begin by acknowledging who He is, and what He did for you.   As you speak aloud, the Holy Spirit will lead you into seeing Him.  We often hear Him as we select words while we are led by the Indwelling Holy Spirit.


     You were created for this communion.  Without it, there is no Sight, no hot fellowship, and no power to wait.  Worry and frustration prevail. The mind goes into the spiral of desperately seeking a way to solve issues.   Fantasy overtakes the thought life.


     Tell Him you want to learn to be alone with Him and fellowship with Him.  Tell him you want to learn to lean on the Everlasting Arms.


     Tell Him today.