His Choice:

     Soldier, in the long run, He is over all.

     It is so easy to denigrate our leaders.  The reality is, there must be a tighter grip on the tongue.

     What does God's Word say?  We are to pray for those who are in fact, allowed to be in power because He has allowed it. I have been stunned at some of the social media postings by Christians.  Lots of them are just plain nasty.

     The Soldier of The Cross has to hear what he or she is saying all the time.  There is  not one verse that says we can take a stab at a public figure that is disrespectful and makes fun of that person.  Obedience does not do that.

     This is not to say the one in such an office is sacred.  This doesn't mean discussion has to be avoided.  It simply means that there is no room on the front lines for vitriolic language spewed out and this is always without original knowledge.

    The Christian who slams or trashes public figures is also likely to complain about the weather, and whine about any number of things.

     The tongue ought to be dedicated to the Lord each day.

     This is a good day to begin this habit.

     Tell Him- today and aloud.