The Interpreter:

     Before I met the Lord,  I had a library most pastors would envy, and I could quote hundreds of verses.

     I had been raised in a missionary home, and knew all the right answers.

     But the day I met Christ at twenty-nine years old, I was in for a shock.   I was alone, and had just finished  accepting Him as my Savior and Lord.   As I raised my knees up from the fake red tile kitchen floor in Waterville, Maine, I  grabbed my old Bible that just  "happened" to open it to the passage in John about the man blind from birth.   If you remember the story, the man was healed and suddenly, he could see.

     I could hardly contain myself, because everything was different. 

     I knew the story.  I could have quoted the story.  I had told the story.   But now, the
Indwelling Holy Spirit was interpreting.  It was no longer information, it was the Living Word and was burning oin my being.   I'll never forget it.  And, I had been that blind man.

     Soldier of The Cross,  we who have our being in Him, must be immersed in His Word.  Not for information's sake, but for revelation and to hear from the One who is The Word.

     Yes, you have time.  Otherwise, He would not have commanded you to make it a priority.

     Take the matter to Him afresh.  Memorize something each day, even if just a sentence from your regular reading.   Read the Bible straight through, as opposed to hopping around according to plans that are popular, but avoid the way He intended it to be read.

     And always come to Him before and after.
     And do it aloud.