The Believer's Joy is always experienced during something that should be squelching it.


     Real joy is supernatural.  It doesn't mean feeling delighted or even pleased.  It is a response to reality.


     Soldier of The Cross, you are a Pilgrim and a Sojourner and you must not forget it.  You eyes must be on Him, your goal must be to be changed, and your prayer life must deal with circumstances according to God's Word.


     Although we know He cares about each detail, we must learn to walk through the flood and the fire while leaning on The Everlasting Arms.  Faith releases the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus.  When Jesus is revealed, the Glory is greater than the situation.


     Soldier, this is a matter of pre-determining  to whom you will look when the storm hits.   


     You have the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
     For goodness sake, you have prayer and,  pray aloud in the language of your heart.
     You have the Word of God  - true or not?


    Tell Him.  Today



     Recommended reading:  Amy Carmichael "Rose from Briar".