Just Plain Love:

     There are times when Love is quiet.

     People are often flattered when asked for advice.  When asked for direction, most folks will fall all over themselves to help.  I have often had bad directions from the most well-intended helpers.

     Similarly. when one Believer shares personal difficulty with another, there is often too much eagerness that results in a ministry of death.  More often than not, the "right answer" is the wrong thing to say.

     There are spiritually gifted counselors.  Those Servants are careful to avoid trite truisms.  They are not necessarily going to console the listener by saying what the troubled soul wants to hear.

     The Lord is the same way with us.  We want short-cut answers that stop the bad feelings and we want security about the future that will insure no need for faith.

     Of course He speaks through His Word and His servants.  But the Soldier of The Cross must be willing to minister selflessly during times of waiting to hear from the Lord. 

     It isn't about our  problem-solving ideas..  The most loving Problem-solver has a Plan to make us like Him.  That Plan goes far beyond anything we can describe with words.

     So Soldier, take it to Him, even frequently.  While you are waiting to see Him in the situation,  step forward one foot at a time and serve.

     He has already answered.  You just can't see it now, because of this rich choice-making element called "time".

     Be sure you are praying aloud.

     Now, look up and move on.