The Leading of The Holy Spirit:

     Soldier of The Cross, the big question is,  if He leads, will you follow?

     If there has been prayer that longs for the opposite of independence, there is no question that He will lead.

     He leads according to the Prayer of the Servant. Are asking for leading to gain a certain matter, or are you abandoned to His Will?

     You have to be careful about praying for your design with regard to how you think the problem should be solved.  I have often cringed when hearing people pray that  a particular college would accept someone else's son or daughter.   Or that so and so would be able to go on a vacation to a chosen spot.

     We can and should ask for things according to His Word, but we must be careful about praying for junctures in the lives of others.

     We know only what we know and nothing more.

     The issue is, what honors Him?  What Glorifies Him?

     Here is the hardest and most controversial thing- are you ready?

     The leading of the Holy Spirit is often like the tiniest and  most delicate silver thread in the thoughts, and it does not leave for a while.    If you pray about it, He will make it more attractive and you will have to look into it to discover if it is the Lord.  If you choose to ignore it, it will dissipate after a while.

     He is not cheap.

     If you are a Soldier of The Cross and you are in open for whatever He has for you, He will lead.  The best news?  It is usually something impossible.

     He is the God of the Impossible.   He makes the way through the Wilderness.

     Oh, Soldier.  He is looking for those who are willing to be available for anything.  So, are you available, or are you longing for comfort and predictability?

     There is no safety except in the following after Him.

     Tell Him. Today.
     Make sure it is aloud.

     Tomorrow:  Loneliness