The Leading of The Spirit:

     The leading of the Indwelling Holy Spirit is more often than not ignored by Christians.

     It is different for you, because you have made the decision to give up the right to design your own destiny and have told the Lord you will yield to His leading, no matter what.  This means you are always praying to recognize Him, and waiting for His direction.

     Generally, when you know nothing, do nothing. 

     There are times when a decision must be made, and you feel like you are still in the dark.  Remember, He is preparing us for heaven, and He is not going to  take you away from everything that might be labeled a "mistake".  He wants to train you in wisdom.   Consequently, there are times when wisdom is gained from a wrong choice.

     When it comes to decisions of significant consequence,  He gives unction, assurance, curiosity and miraculous opportunity.  He also draws us to the unexpected.

     The Frontier of faith means that we are wooed into areas and presented with plans that are out of the realm of our imagination.

     Do you truly want to serve Him?   There are times in life when there is a tiny little thought that seems to come from nowhere.  It might be an idea that is something impossible for you and out of the realm of anything in your experience.  But it just won't go away.   It is like a little silver strand of thought that makes no sense and matches nothing.

     Pay careful attention.  The Holy Spirit is not a screamer.  He is not a head-basher.  He is often delicate and leads the Soldier who is in prayer about being a Living Sacrifice and doing anything God wants.

     Oh, Soldier of The Cross!    He will lead you into the most exquisite places.  And even when all is unfamiliar, you will know you are at home.

     Take this to Him in prayer.  Aloud.