This Little Light of Mine:

     We desperately need the Word of God afresh.


     Without it, there is no Light.    The are many Christians who are stuff-knowers, yet they walk in darkness.


     Without His Word on a consisent basis, you are like an LED light, only taking on a dim glow when around those who are beaming.


     You don't feel like it.
     You don't have the time.
     You always get interrupted.
     You don't understand some of it.


     Well, are you a Soldier of The Cross?    You can't battle without fuel.  You can't pray without fuel. 


     Soldier,  ask Him to open it up to you.  Many things are hidden until the available soul discovers them in the Word. 


     It is not an option , even though  Believers often seem not to think about it.


     It doesn't need to be a long time.  Go through the Bible as it is written - cover to cover.   Maybe read it aloud.  You will find your mind chewing on what you read.  Even the "begats".  Might take you a year.  Does it matter?


     It is fine and even necessary to ask the Holy Spirit to open it up to you.  After all, the whole Book is the revelation of a Person.


     Take it to Him now.  Make yourself available.   Aloud.