No one else lives in your body.

     Even if you are surrounded by wonderful people and have unusually satisfying relationships, you are still alone in ways.

     You were created to seek Him out and agree with Him.   That is something no one else can do for you.  

     Your life has a private side that no other person shares.  Your thought life. Your nightly dreams.  Your moments of guilt, regret and anxiety.

     So Soldier of The Cross, He who loves you so, has designed you in such a way that there is a part of you that only He can see and touch.

     The areas of decision are those that are so critical.  In the depths of private moments, no other person is there to advise you, or make the decision for you.

     Hallelujah that we have the Indwelling Holy Spirit to minister, lead and comfort.   But Soldier, you and you alone are responsible for your decisions. 

     Have you chosen to serve? 

     There are times when you are the only one who sees what is real. 
     There are times when the ones you have helped the most will hurt you the most. 
     There are times when you do everything right, and the bottom still falls through.
     There are times when even your most stalwart fellow Soldier turns tail and runs away from Him.

     These are lonely moments.

     He see, He knows, and He listens to your thought process.. Then He draws you to prayer about the matter.

     Yes, you are lonely, but you are not alone.

     Soldier of The Cross,  run to Him now.  Aloud.

     Then, look up and move on!