Money and giving:

      Money worries get every Christian - no exceptions.


     If there is someone who does not constantly writhe over money, that Soldier has wrestled with the Lord in prayer over the issue.


    There has never been an individual who never had a financial concern.  I know all the George Mueller stories, and I will guarantee you that God gave  him that gift of faith because he took the need to the Lord night after night.


     Soldier of The Cross, we all know what He said:

     "But if God so clothes the grass of the field, which is alive and green today and tomorrow is [cut and] thrown [as fuel] into the furnace, will He not much more clothe you? You of little faith!"
                              Matthew 6:30 (Amplified), and of course also, Luke 12:28


     For the flesh, It is about survival.  And, we have responsibilities and obligations.    It is a real human pressure, and if there isn't enough money, there are consequences.


     I give you my word based on His Word and my experience, that if you are a faithful giver to  your local assembly,  your bills will be paid.  You will see Him sweep in and relieve the financial distress.


     The New Testament  has a minimal mention of  tithe, but emphasizes giving over the tithe.  That is between you and the Lord.    The issue is, is it His money or is it yours?  If it is yours, you see it as something you must be careful with and dole out carefully. 


     Is it His as the Word says?  His portion comes off the top.  If there is  not enough to pay the bills, I stand before you and promise that if you will give only a tithe to the local assembly, you will meet your bills. It isn't scary, it only feels that way.  We know how He is..  He takes the little fish and tiny loaves, and He multiplies them.


     We are not talking prosperity, we are talking faith.  Obedience.  Supernatural security. 


     Oh, Soldier, you are so concerned about money and your mind goes round and round in circles about it.    You're not weird.  It is average.


     It may be average,  but for the Soldier of The Cross, it's not normal.  You have been created to lean on the Everlasting Arms, and that happens in prayer. 


    Take it to Him faithfully.  He said He would give you Rest, and He will.  He longs to.


     Tell him.  Today
     Make sure it is aloud.


          All your anxiety, all your care,
          Bring to the mercy seat, leave it there,
          Never a burden He cannot bear,
          Never a friend like Jesus!