More of Him and Less of Me:

     Oh Lord, as I stand before you tonight, I ask again to be changed.

     Only you know what needs to be done.  I want to agree with you in everything.  As I grow older, I want to be more and more available and not retreat. 

     I long to be a Soldier of The Cross until my dying breath, and I know that means your work in the deepest places.  Wanting you means yielding to the death of the flesh, and the flesh seems so sticky.

     But Lord, I trust you.  I predetermine to deal with things in prayer, and I know your deepest work is divine surgery.

     I'm so grateful you haven't let me see all that needs to be done by your Hand, as I probably couldn't handle it.

     I do love you, Lord, and want to be more like you.  I want to recognizes you more quickly.  I want to love more unconditionally.   So many things about you I love.

     I love your people.

     Please change me, whatever it takes.   Do anything with my life that honors you.

     My Lord and my God.