Moving on:

      Soldier,  this world is not your home.

       This is something that has to be brought to Him in prayer daily.  Otherwise, it is simply a teaching rather than a reality.  The fact is, we are Sojourners and Pilgrims, and you must not forget this critical truth..

        This fact puts it all in perspective.

        According to His Word, we are headed somewhere.  Why then, are the immediate issues that seem so crucial,  demanding all of our thought life and emotional energy?

         Are you a Soldier of The Cross or not?  Have you crossed that line?   Have you made the decision to agree with God no matter what?

         It doesn't make you a spiritual giant, it just mean you know   where you are headed.  And Soldier, when it comes to the daily thought life,  agreeing with God no matter what means you have access to Peace, even when you are in pain.  There is such a thing.

         So, agree with Him.  Tell Him.

         You must tell Him aloud unless you are in a physical situation such as prison, where  you have no privacy to do so.

        You can tell Him an infinite number of times for your own assurance, but be sure to do it aloud.