No Limits:

     Oh, Soldier, do you understand there is no limit to what faith can do?


     Apart from supernatural faith, there is nothing.  It is not about human belief or acceptance. It is His ability to do.  The thing is, we must be available.


     He will not present a plan for our approval. 
     He will not give a preview of what faith will bring.
     He will not validate our insecurities.


     He only asks that we trust Him.  What is there to lose?  You are where you are because you have no control.   He does.  You know it -  it is just that you are not experiencing the release.


     The bottom line is always, who is He? And, does He lie?


     You are a Soldier of The Cross, which means you have made the decision to take up The Cross and follow Him.  That means the death of the flesh.


     It means testing. 
     It means the unknown.

     It means stretching and discomfort for the flesh.


       It means the he delight of His Presence.  The assurance of His Provision,  And His Glory that eradicates the negative.


     Soldier, there is nothing else.


     Look up and move on!