The Past:

     Why do we call it the past?  Because it has already happened.


     What a brilliant design God has done - He created Time, so we could make decisions according to His Word.


     Do you awake in the  night, reviewing the past?  Working and reworking the facts?


     Soldier of The Cross,  leave it behind.  Govern your thoughts.  There is absolutely  nothing you can do about those matters. Who do you think is dragging this out in front of you?


     We serve the Lord Today.
     We respond to Him Today.

     No one can go back.  No one can change it.  You are here, and you must trust the Lover of your Soul.


     You are who you are today.  You have the wisdom you have today.  Yesterday is gone forever, and He has promised to restore the years the locusts have eaten.


     Soldier, He might come for us tomorrow.  Do the thing before you as unto the Lord.  Period.  No excuses.


     Tell Him, and be sure to do it aloud.