Most of pressure experienced is related to duties yet unfulfilled.

       I am always amazed when a bride is in a tizzy about a wedding that is months away.  The comment is always "There is so much to do".  The fact is, it is not about much to do, it is about what is yet undone.

      Soldier of The Cross, you must function just the same where matters are resolved or unresolved.  The issue is, what is before you?   What should you be doing now?

     Is the undone being brought to Him in prayer?             

     Is it about your need to have nothing undone, or is there an impending responsibility to get it done now?

     Soldier, most pressure we experience is an emotional hologram, often projected by the one who so hates all of us.

     We take it all to Him.  We have the armor, and it is donned in prayer.

     Take it to Him as soon as anxiety rears its ugly head.
     Deal with it aloud, claiming His word.

     Then look up and move on.  We are in His Army. We always do the next thing.