Running to The Rock:

     Yes, He is Rock of Ages, cleft cleft for me and for you.

     He is so personal.

     The most important habit for you to develop is that of running to Him first.  Asking Him first.  Telling Him first.   Seeking His guidance first.

     I am constantly amazed how long Christians suffer before taking matters to the Lord. Sometimes it has to be hopeless before He is approached.

     At the first sign of illness, He should be asked to heal.  Then, go see a doctor.  Why would someone be praying about the matter for the first time from the doctor's office?

     You are a soldier of The Cross, and that makes you in full-time ministry.  Not the way the term is usually used, in that you might not hold any title.  But, as far as The Word of God is concerned, you are certainly His full-time Servant.

     So, why would you go to a meeting without coming before Him first?
     Would you attend a parent teacher conference without prayer first?
     How is it possible to organize your finances without prayer?
     You need to discipline a child?  You have no full sight until you have prayed about it first.
     Need to work out something with your mate?  Why go over and over it in your mind to make sure you are prepared?   You need His Wisdom, and He can fill your mouth or close it, as needed.

     We were created to be dependent.  It is so critical to remember that underneath are the Everlasting Arms.

     Soldier, take it all to Him.  Aloud.

     Start today and ask His help in this. Living without constant prayer about everything is like being blindfolded and striking at a pinata labeled "today".

     No time for self analysis.  Look up and move on!