This Strange Life:

     Soldier, be careful that you do not consider it better when all is peaceful and you have plenty.  Of course it is nicer, and we are to as much as possible, be at peace with all men.

     We know, however that this world is not our home and that we are moving toward Glory.

     We are to keep praying to be changed into His likeness.
     Until the dying breath, the Soldier of The Cross must seek Jesus.

     And those who do the above, are in for plenty of heartache.   The difference is, in the service of the Lord,  even heartache knows a sweetness.

     We know it is not over here.  We know it will all be made fair, and clear and  more than better in the sweet bye and bye.

     This is not something we know by being taught - it is something we know by going through it and submitting to Him.

     Never pray for trials and never pray for hardship, as you will surely have your share.

     But Soldier, stand before Him i n prayer and be available and tell Him so.  Aloud.  Agreeing with God is the way to walk in The Light.

     This has to be desirable to you, and you must tell Him so.