What an ingenious thing is our God's creation of time.

     Time means a lifetime of decision from the earliest to the last days.

     Because you are a Soldier of The Cross, time is different for you.   You are investing in Eternity.  You are preparing for Eternity.  Your Home is in Eternity.

     And He has extended His hand to you in order to absorb the momentum of passing through time.  

     Every person has in his or her heart an awareness of eternity, even if not admitted.  Otherwise, no one would be aware of the passing time.   People say to each other "Where has the time gone?" and we are all conscious of this element in which we live.

     Soldier,  this doesn't make you a hyper-spiritual jerk.  It makes you free.  You will live in freedom to the extent you give Him your time in prayer.   He is able to multiply time given to Him, just as he blesses the rest of your money after you have given His portion back to Him.

     When we learn to trust the Everlasting Arms, we live a Life that is supernatural.

     This happens in prayer.   There should be a time each day when you consciously and affirmatively give that day to Him.  Aloud.

     When you have done this,  you have asked in His Name and according to His Word.  Your sensitivity is heightened to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

     You are calmer.  And, you have discernment to chose the important over the urgent.

     Talk to Him about this and commit each day to Him.   Develop the habit of greeting Him in the morning for the purpose of an obedient walk. 

     We all want freedom.   We have been bought with a Price, and we are children of The Light.   Any other kind of Christian life is like walking through thick mud. So exhausting.

     Tell Him today.  Aloud.

          My Lord knows the way through the wilderness,
          All I have to do is follow.
          My Lord knows the way through the wilderness,
          All I have to do is follow.
          Strength for today is mine all the way,
          And all that I need for tomorrow.
          My Lord knows the way through,
          All I have to do is follow.