Remember the chidlrens' somg, "Why Worry When You Can Pray?"

     If only we could get into the habit of recognizing worry and turn to the Lord.  We would say aloud that we trust Him, and that we will  roll our burden on Him.  We would talk to Him about the details, and we wold be careful to choose wwords that are in line with His Word.

     The problem is, that rarely happens.

     Soldier of The Cross, the battle is in the mind.   The enemy is real and he loves to taunt and create scenarios. 

     Do we have a Lord or don't we?  Can He be trusted, or is He somehow susceptible to inconsistency?

     What is the primary way we lose the moment?  Writhing and flapping over something that plays itself out over and over on the screen of the mind.

     While we have the privilege of profound peace, we are at the same time, at war.

     Dedicate your thought life to the Lord.  This should happen on a regular basis.  We simply cannot be crippled now and then because of circumstances.     Not only are we carefully watched by those who scrutinize our daily walk, but we are also observed by the unseen powers, both good and evil.

      We are Children of The Light.
      Let us live and walk in that Light.

     Tell Him.  now
     Then, look up and move on.