The Tongue:

     I have never understood why Christians complain about the weather.
     It makes no sense.  There is nothing that can be done about it.

     This is something the Soldier of The Cross needs to avoid.  Murmuring about anything chips away at the ability to see and hear the Lord.

     The Bible calls it a sin, and it is so common in our churches.

     A good definition of murmuring is : a subdued or private expression of discontent or dissatisfaction.

      Murmuring is a mark of immaturity and is a virus.   There are ways to prayerfully address and discuss issues that need attention or change, and they are the opposite of complaining.

     He Who is The Word holds us accountable for our words.  When we bring the matter to Him in prayer, we will then be  more sensitive to what we say.   As a rule, this is the  most difficult change, in that it is often a life habit.

     Bring this to the attention of children.  Make a priority of reporting things that are negative in such a manner that eliminates whining.

     Take it to Him. Aloud.