What Does it Take?

    What does it mean to be a Soldier of The Cross?

     First, there has to be an agreement with God that we are engaged in spiritual warfare.   Secondly, there has to be a response to His call to take up The Cross and Follow Him.

     What does that mean?

     It means a daily walk that consciously and affirmatively ackowledges the beauty of the death of the flesh. 
     It means the recognition that you are not of this world, and that your Home is in Eternity with Him.  
     It means the submission of your knowing nothing and His knowing all.

     Soldier of The Cross,  there is nothing else.  How foolish is it that we so often writhe and whine about things that are not in line with His Word?

     Consider His Word:

     There is not one word about you owning your own home;       
     There is  not one word about you being understood by all and avoiding slander;
     There is not one word about your having financial security oustide of His Promise to provide.  Are you avoiding faith?

     Are you avialable to live by faith?  Or must you see it all in advance.

     Is there a real Sabbath Rest as indicated in Hebrews 4, or is it just a myth?

     Oh, Soldier, give in to Peace.  Give in to the One who holds the stars in place.   Agree with God.

     Ask Him what it means to take up The Cross and follow after Him.

     Ask him now - aloud. 
     Right  now.