What is Normal?

     Soldier of The Cross, there is nothing in God's Word that indicates what your life should be like in terms of what others consider to be normal.

     All you know is that you are to be a Living Sacrifice, and that when you take up The Cross and follow Him, it is an adventure into the frontier of transformation and submission.

     Others have no idea what is going on inside you.   They can only interpret what they see based on their own experience,  and often the best of intentions are aimed at slowing down your walk of faith.

     Once more.  This world is not our home.  We are not from here.    

     Stop trying to be from here.

     We are His and we are not our own.   Oh, soldier, please, pleaese memorize God's Word.  Even if you don't remember it in a few hours, the Lord Jesus wil be so much more real to you, and the Holy Spirit more audible if you will only absorb His Word.  Even one or two sentences from your quiet time reading.

     There cannot be passivity.    What is normal?   Hanging out?   Dealing with the immediate all the time?

     Time is pasing and millions are without Christ.  Start with the person next door.  Your chidlren.  Your husband.  Minister.  Minister.  Minister.

     Oh, Soldier, do not put your roots down here.    Invest in eternity.  It's the only way you have wisdom to see the things right in front of you.   It's the only way to live.

     Take it up with Him.  Aloud