What Touches Your Heart?

     Soldier of The Cross, you cannot afford to be driven by sentiment.

     This does not mean you can't feel things, but it does mean you can't be driven by feelings.  We are about God's Word. There are standards that are black and white.  Period. 

     The conflict comes when you know for sure what God's Word says, but a situation before you requires compromise.

     You may not do it.

     You have supernatural access to Wisdom, and you must go there.   The enemy relentlessly pulls on your emotions and human obligations.  This is not about "suppose to's".   This is about being a Living Sacrifice and being led by the Holy Spirit of God.

     He will never led you into anything predicable or commonly acceptable.

     God's Word is More Real Than The Way That You Feel.

     Agree with God about this.  And, do it aloud.  today.

     Oh, Soldier, please.  Do not waste time.