This World is Not My Home:

     We need to remind ourselves of this over and over.


     We are Sojourners and Pilgrims.  I suspect the momentum of our passing through is somehow perceived by the unsaved who are often uncomfortable around believers.


     If you are wholly His, if you have told Him He can do anything with your life, and if you are determined to let him into the deepest recesses of you being,  it is possible that you may do a better job than someone else, but not be recognized for it.  In fact, you may excel and  be completely overlooked.


     This is because He is preparing you for Glory.  I don't understand it, but I've seen it over and over.  Can He be trusted?


     Simple question.  But oh my!  How upset we get when we are slighted, misquoted or criticized.  We need to learn to let him have His Way with our lives. 


     It isn't important to be the best.  It is important to be diligent.

     It isn't always important to be correctly understood.  It is important to take it to Him and acknowledge that He already knew about it before it happened.

     It isn't important to get the award you deserve.  You'll get it  when we are with Him.


     Soldier of The Cross, agree with God.  If give to much weight to these things, you get a rash on your soul.


     Love and memorize His Word.  Memorize and sing the hymns.


     Come before Him and tell Him about it.  Tell Him you will keep plodding.  You are a Soldier.    This is war.  He will fight the battle.  Your job is to take up The Cross and keep following.


     Look up and move on!